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Smaller space between bookmark icons

Making changes to Firefox’s appearance

Firefox is my favourite browser, but the icons on the bookmark toolbar are way too roomy horizontally. Even if you delete the text of the bookmarks leaving only the icons, the space between them...

El Capitan - flickering bands on external monitor before crashing

El Capitan crashing

It took a while, but I think I fixed my El Capitan crashing problem. Too much old mail? Details on my post on Update 17 Dec 2015: Nope, still not fixed :-((( Update...

Using Image Capture to import photos

Quick import of iPhone images

I rarely update my mac with my iDevices’ pics/videos (this will now change since I have an iPhone with a really great camera). So I always forget how to do it. I don’t want...

Copy window to clipboard

Screen captures with OS X

Q: OK, I’ve mastered Cmd-Shift-4 to take a picture of any part of the screen, but howdya take a pic of just one window? A: Press the spacebar after Cmd-Shift-4! (Then move the little...

Locked OS X files with padlock on icons

Unlock OS X files

I transferred a whole load of photos from my camera today and they were all locked (as a result of setting them this way on the camera). Way too many to unlock individually with...